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Edit Digital Photography .. Taking Away The Background

Removing the background of a photograph gives you great flexibility with your photograph. The nice thing about using your editing program is that while removing the background you can choose to do the entire background or merely parts of it to achieve your desired result.

Before the popularity of digital photography and editing software the process of removing the background from an image was an incredibly laborious process.

In years past background removal was performed in a darkroom with the required ambient conditions which typically included proper room temperature. The film would be placed in working chemical solvent and had to be monitored constantly. Overexposure of the film to the solution would typically result in an increase in background blur and decrease in resolution.

Now, background removal is done with any digital photo editing software like GNU Image Manipulation Program, or GIMP. GIMP is a special type of graphics editing application that is able to support some types of object-oriented (or vector) graphics.

It is not necessary that the digital photo editing software used for background removal be able to support all types of object-oriented advantage in using GIMP of course, is that it enables easy vector to raster conversion.

Other popularly used raster graphics editors and digital photo editors will also work just fine. Most digital photo editors have a number of plug-ins which can modify the background in different ways. Plug-ins are computer programs with highly specific purposes. Most sophisticated photo editing programs use special purpose plug-ins and will perform background editing and removal based on different criteria.

Once you have removed the background you will find that your objects without backgrounds can be used and manipulated in a variety of different ways. You can place them in a new backdrop and in different situational contexts. For example, a flower in a garden could have the garden replaced with an vase. The object can be moved around any which way and its alignment with the new background can also be changed.

The great thing about an object without a background is that it maintains all its properties like shape and size, but becomes more flexible to individual usage.