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The Developing Tendency Of LCD Joint Market

The outstanding performance on the market makes the large screen industry prosperous from the brand consciousness and capital market. In the recent three years, some corporations are increasing their investment on the brand marketing, while more mature corporations attach much importance on the technology and service.

On one hand, some limited high-quality panel decides the strength of the corporation directly. Some small factory even do not have the DID screen. On the other hand, many large brands have entered this market, which changed the original format and the customers' choosing standard. Many customers are more likely to choose the famous brand which is highly recommended. Although the entire liquid crystal display joint market is developing quickly, the sales is still reducing for some small corporations under this situation.

The future of the LCD joint market pioneers and the leading middle corporation will be optimistic. They had accumulated so many customers, and they are able to covert to the project integrators. They are making their efforts on the integrated technique, and the development of the application software. The competition environment of the liquid crystal display joints market is changing in the year of 2010, for example, the brand format is changing; the comprehensive cost is changing. 2010 must be the important time for the establishment of new format.

The liquid crystal display joint products are changing; and many brands are changing from the different camps; more emerging brands are trying to join the market. All these mean the market is becoming more and more unstable. The powerful background of the new emerging brands also produces many different conjectures of the future market. These unstable elements, such as the participation of the different camps, and fast development of the technique, and the emergence of different brand, decide the developing direction of the liquid crystal display joint industry. The related integrated circuit is MAX136.