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The Life Vests For Your Dog Come in a Variety of Styles

You may think your dog is safe in the water just because he can swim fairly well. This is not necessarily so though. He can get tired in the water, which could put him at danger of going under. This could cause the dog to drown if you do not get to him in time. What can you do to prevent this from happening? There are life vests available for dogs in a variety of sizes.

These vests range from XXS for up to 6 pounds to XL for 90 pounds. So no matter what size dog you own you can protect him in the water. These life vests comfortably attach around the neck and the abdomen. They even have a handle on them so that you can reach for your dog to get them out of the water with ease.

When buying a vest for your dog make sure it is the right size to protect your dog. As your dog grows you will have to buy a bigger vest for him to be properly supported in the water. Make sure the vest you buy is good quality it needs to be durably built.

It should be made from either neoprene or a heavy-duty nylon. It is best to have a bright colored vest too in case the dog drifts off from you. This way you can spot him far off and get to him. There should also be some reflective strips on it too these provide added safety and visibility. Add an ID tag that is waterproof so the dog does not have to wear his good collar in the water.

You can take your dog with you when shopping for the life vest. Many of the pet stores that carry these allow your pets in as long as they are leashed. This way you can try the life vest on your dog and insure it fits him right.

You will see that your dog adjusts easily to wearing the life vest. He will be able to swim longer without getting so fatigued. Your dog can also be trained to climb on foam floats so he can enjoy a rest too. Mine loves to do this.

If you are boating enthusiast, you can also get special ladders for the dog to climb up to get on the boat from the water. These are slip resistant and provide a safe way on and off the boat for you pooch no matter how big or small he is. The ladders are easily attached quite quickly.

The main thing is to keep your dog safe when you are in the water. Whether you are on your boat or swimming in the water, he needs his life vest on. Just as you would make your kids wear their floatation devices in the water your dog should wear his. This prevents him from getting too tired like we said before. Dogs can go under even when they know how to swim so protect them today.