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The Tattoo Lion Leo Sovereign Of The Jungle But Are They The Emp

Fierce looking Tattoo Lion Leos look great but where perform you find unique ones? What does that particular figure suggest in astrology?

The Leo is the Lion and born between July 23 and August 22. The Tattoo Lion Leo honors the zodiac symbol Leo.

They are sociable, happy and friendly with plenty of charm. They are sociable creatures and love a good party. Being the center of attention doesn't worry them. Everyone loves the parties they throw because they are a warm and gracious host. Everyone is drawn to their sunny disposition, and friends usually last a lifetime. They are constantly eager to assist out a friend in need. As a fixed figure any kind of variation is not welcomed. They like a partner that's pleasing to look at, and usually stick with the same one for a lifetime even if they're unhappy.

A Leo would never confess they chose the incorrect partner. At work they will perform a excellent job because they like others to think the best of them, but they can become egotistical and overassertive. Sometimes others see them as self-centered. They don't do well and can become inflexible if changes are ones not made by them, but they will stick with projects when others get too weary to complete them. They often put on weight as they age. It's too hard to resist rich foods. They can become lazy if they don't contain enough excitement in their lives.

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