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Tie a Head Scarf 4 Ways!

Discovering -Head Scarf How- In addition to the usual way of wearing a scarf around the neck, another stylish way to sport a scarf is to wear it as a head piece or hair accessory. Head scarves can complete an elegant outfit when draped over the head or they can add feminine charm when made into a hair ribbon. Aside from this, a scarf is also the perfect accessory to cover unmanageable hair.

1. You can do a ponytail head scarf wrap, which is a simple way to transform a ponytail from plain to pretty. To do this wrap, start by folding a scarf into a narrow band. Next, take the band and wrap it around the ponytail twice and finish with a square knot. You could also make a big ribbon with the ends of the scarf for a dressier version.

2. Wearing this accessory like a hair band is one of the most popular scarf trends today. You can make a hair band out of a scarf by simply folding the scarf into a band. It's up to you how narrow or wide you want the band to be. Then, place the scarf across the forehead and behind the ears, tying the scarf in a square knot at the back of the neck. You can tuck the ends of the scarf for a neat look or just let them fall free. This style is simple and easy to do and does a great job of keeping your hair away from your face when it's breezy.

3. For a classic style of wearing head scarves, make a triangle out of the scarf and wrap it over the head with the base of the triangle positioned just above the hairline. Then, take the ends and cross them under the chin and bring them around the back and tie in a square knot. Of course, this Jackie-O look won't be complete without a pair of oversized sunglasses.

4. For a modern take on the classic style above, try the head scarf wrap. The only difference here is that the base of the triangular scarf is placed across the forehead. The ends of the scarf are pulled back across the sides of the head and tied at the back in a square knot.

As you can see, whether you're going for a classy and sophisticated look or a casual and even sporty appearance, there are several ways to tie head scarves that will match your style.