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Volleyball Shorts Review - Moisture Management Secrets Revealed

The volleyball market is full of manufacturers that introduce a new print, a new design, a new style or a new feature to their line of volleyball spandex shorts or compression shorts that they hope will make their line distinctive, popular or will get players to start spreading word-of-mouth about how fabulous theirs are.

From the types of fabrics and fiber combinations, to the colors and prints, to the "should we include seams or not" question, to the choice of which length to use for a volleyball short's inseam, to the type of moisture management technology to use, the name of the game for volleyball short manufacturers is how to make a fun, funky, useful and functional spandex short which will stand out from the crowd.

Moisture Management Technology

Moisture management technology has become one of the most important features found in all of the larger manufacturers of volleyball spandex or compression shorts. Installing some kind of control or management system for moisture build up instantly denotes the time and effort put into the production and the level of quality and function a player can come to expect from a particular pair of shorts.

Some companies have done tons of sophisticated research and created their own trademarked systems and fabrics which are designed to enhance the moisture management features in their spandex shorts.

Mizuno has not one but two of their own moisture management technologies, the first is their MzO technology which they say is designed to transport perspiration vapor away from the body while at the same time cooling down the body temperature. MzO was engineered to be comfortable, breathable, easy to care for and durable. although it isn't quite so obvious how the two differ, the Mizuno Drylite technology another trademarked feature was also created for rapid evaporation and comfort.

MzO can be found in the following shorts: the Vortex, the Women's MVP II, the Women's Low Rider and the Techno volleyball shorts while the Drylite feature is in the Flat Front Print Volleyball Spandex Shorts, the Women's National IV Volleyball Shorts and the Women's Vortex Six Panel Compression Shorts which is a moisture wicking short made for practice and competition.

The Adidas Adibody compression shorts are a great example of how the company incorporates one of their trademarked apparel systems called Climalite into specific items in their athletic apparel line. Climalite is an Adidas water-wicking technology designed with cotton threads on one side of the fabric and synthetic fibers on the inside that work to wick away moisture from the skin to the fabrics surface for easy evaporation. Cool, right?

ASICS offers a perspiration and moisture management system in the form of their performance fabric called CoolMax which is placed strategically at the crotch gusset with a cotton/polyester construction that combines to wick away moisture for optimal performance. This material is the performance fabric that includes an effective fiber-based moisture management system. The system can move perspiration away from the body, and through the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly, allowing the wearer to feel cooler and more comfortable. Coolmax is known for its breathability, easy care and comfort.